Pass Plus Course

After the milestone of passing your driving test, even though you have gained the necessary skills that you need to be confident at the wheel, we want to push you beyond that and help you with a Pass plus course.

Pass Plus gives you the additional confidence to know you can tackle any challenge on the road.

What is included in a Pass Plus Course?

We break the course up in 6 - 1hour lessons, in which we will focus on 6 modules to help you in any situation. They are:

Town Driving

All-weather Driving

Driving on rural roads

Night Driving

Driving on dual carriage ways

Driving on motorways

Town driving

This is the most basic and common Pass Plus module. That's because you’ll experience town driving the most. It focuses on increasing your attention levels, making you as skilful as possible.

You’ll learn how to tackle:

Unusual roundabouts

Multi-lane junctions

Trams, buses and cycle lanes

Under and overpasses

All-weather driving

If you learnt to drive in warmer months, you may need to brush up on how to cope with the more extreme weather conditions. This usually means the likes of rain, sleet, snow, ice and fog - and sometimes even blinding sunlight.

Skidding is also covered under this section and will see you perfecting your understanding of:

Preventing skids


Correcting slow-speed skids

Braking on poor surfaces

Driving on rural roads

Not every journey you make will be on built-up roads, which receive regular maintenance. Sometimes, driving on rural roads and having to deal with blind corners, potholes and unusual traffic, is also a necessity.

During trips on rural roads you’re likely to tackle:

Horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists on the side of the road

Sharp bends

Farm and building entrances

More frequent use of the horn

Safe passing places

Livestock and wild animals

Road debris

Night driving

Some people book night lessons before their practical test, but that’s not the case for everyone. It’s very possible to complete your course without ever having a lesson at night.

As such, this module is again necessary for many.

Adjusting to the different light levels

The correct use of different headlights

Driving at dusk and dawn

Being dazzled

Driving on dual carriageways

You should have driven on one at some point in your regular lessons, but did you ever feel like you mastered them?

This module focuses on:

Making appropriate and effective observations

Judgement of distances

Overtaking and lane discipline

Joining and leaving the carriageway

Driving on motorways

Of all the Pass Plus modules, this one is the most intimidating. You’d never have driven on the motorway as a learner driver, making this a completely new challenge.

On this module you’ll learn to:

Set safe speeds in different circumstances

Deal with motorway fatigue

Cope with debris and crosswinds

Follow signs, signals and markings

Improve how observant and alert you are

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